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July 12, 2016

Из комментов под статьями на yahoo. Сарказм и эмоции захлестывают, конечно, (чем коммент и доставил мне) но по-сути все основано на фактах.

The Untouchable Corrupt Queen or Perjury yet again gets passed the Metal Dector with an Assault Rifle between her Big Hip Thighs!

Benghazi, Wall Street, The Clinton Foundation, Whitewater, Chinagate, Travelgate, Bosnia's being Under Sniper Fire, Emails, all Scandals and Lies she has had over her entire political career, and that's only the tip of the iceberg! Do some research for yourselves. Here check this out. YouTube (13 minutes of Hilary Clinton Straight Lies) or if you have more time YouTube (Hillary Clinton 70 minutes of Lies) I promise it isn't propaganda or a paid actress to dress up and look like her and it's not edited either it's in her very own words.

The only difference between Shillary and a common criminal is that she has never been convicted of anything! She is Charles Ponzi, Bernie Madoff and Richard Nixon rolled up into one Big Pant Suit Wearing Burrito! You think Trump is bad and you hate him? Well he may say some stupid, insulting things and have some questionable business practices but his track record compared to Hittla The Hun makes Trump look like a Church Going Choir Boy!

She has a War On Women campaign is that she is counting on and yet in 2013, the Clinton Foundation began accepting millions of dollars from foreign government donors, including Saudi Arabia, Oman, and the United Arab Emirates. Her husband Bill was impeached for Lying on two counts of Sexual Misconduct which he later confessed to and Hillary turns a blind eye to all her husbands infidelities which sends a message that makes it ok for all women to do so too no matter how many times they do it.

And then Bill had many more allegations and accusations that he was acquitted for but you have to wonder like Bill Cosby where did all these women come form with so many of the same stories. And what is really unbelievable is That Gloria Steinem who had fought against Sexist, Womanizing Men since the 60's turns around and endorses Clinton! Whaaaaaa?

She was against Gay Marriage, she supported The Second Amendment, She was against illegal immigrants getting a Drivers license, and Supported The Iraq War and in her 2008 campaign.

Hillary has the very same Arrogant Egotistical Charismatics Audacity as Obama I call her Obamas Bahama Mama! She is Way Too Big to be Indicted and Backed by so much Political money and Power she will never answer for anything ever. The Entire GOP has been at each others Throats since the beginning of this race making mockery of themselves keeping them so divided and Trump as much as he pi-sses the people off he is the only on left running against her expect for Die Hard Trump supporters. It's almost like both Parties are trying to get her in the Oval office! Well it seems inevitable and rigged but I really can't wait to see what happens when she is President.

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posted by Tveye at July 13, 2016 Свернуть
Я, если честно, слегка сейчас сочувствую рядовым вменяемым американцам. У них сейчас выбор - Клинтон и Трамп.

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