Глобальное потепление - псевдонаука?

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June 23, 2017

на английском.

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Темы, имеющие некоторое отношение к этой (русскоязычный поиск в mysql все же очень не совершенен):
Где там это ваше глобальное потепление? August 1, 2016
Глобальное потепление мертво... да здравствует глобальное похолодание! March 4, 2009
Ни фига себе медузы... July 24, 2007
Природный газ из задницы коровы July 15, 2008
Опять про глобальное потепление August 22, 2013

posted by cm at June 25, 2017 Свернуть
Из комментариев на ютубе:
Look up his career; his degree in in Mechanical Engineering and worked for General Electric his entire life doing solid state electronic work. He is about as qualified to discuss Climate Science as I am. Which is to say he is not.

Или даже так:
"It's only 0.8 degrees" is among the stupidest arguments from a real scientist I've ever heard. Asshole. Then he "doesn't think it's possible to measure. and what does it mean "probably nothing." He's exposing himself as an idiot who only trusts his own intuition without data. "You see water vapor but you don't see CO2." Holy crap, what a moron. Again relating 0.8 degrees as a small percentage of degrees kelvin. Ridiculous argument. And this whole time, he chooses to attack two people personally, which is meaningless. OMG! He actually says earth is getting warmer and he links this to being good because people's health has gotten better. Holy shit he's an idiot! He is talking completely out of his ass, without data, based on his own belief. FUCK YOU. Now he's had picking a couple data points to make statements with ZERO concept of a trend. He himself pointed out JUNK science to start this talk and then HE USES JUNK SCIENCE. Only 5 years since this and the rising trend continues, melting ice caps, record 1000 year droughts. FUCK YOU. Now he's going completely off the rails about CO2 being plant food. No shit sherlock. What does that fucking have to do with keeping Earth habitable for PEOPLE, you FUCKTARD? Oh, Hey, a fat people joke. Done listening to this complete moron.

posted by мини_я at June 25, 2017 Свернуть
Да знаю я эти аргументы. Эл Гор вообще не ученый, но ему Нобелевку дали за презентацию по глобальному потеплению. Но зато тут понимаешь ли он не может говорить о потеплении потому, что он неправильный ученый.

Он в первую очерель говорит о принципах на которых строится наука и они везде одинаковы. И вот то, чем занимаются потеплисты - это не построено на научных принципах.

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